we don’t choose our own name

Look, name, as in literal meaning of a name, is something what we are all attached to. Since the day we are born, we are called by the name and till the death we are called by the same name. Name is something that identifies oneself more than anything. Its a common experience to feel anger when someone mocks your name. 

I have once met a girl named Chloe. Chinese living in Hong Kong, even thought she had her real legal name, she sometimes used her English name for people who are not familiar with her name. 
It is not uncommon for a person to have a English name in HK, and it seems like most of the people have their English name close to their Chinese name. For example, if their name is Ji – smth then his English name would be Jason or so. 
Anyway, Chloe, with a laugh, told me that her name was given by her English teacher when she was younger, as a random name. Comparing to lots of other people who has chosen their own English name, she might have thought her name has less meaning to her. 

But here is the thing. Name, something we are all strongly attached to, were never chosen by us. So for Chloe, the fact that she never made a choice with her name, but her teacher has, makes her name most name than anyone else.
Ironic. But more ironically, things that people find attach to, were never chosen by the individuals. Religion, Nationality, Race, Name. But, shouldn’t we? Shouldn’t we stand for what we have chose to stand for, rather than things that were given to us?